Creative See-Through Wall Designs For Your Bedroom

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Creative See-Through Wall Designs For Your Bedroom

21 July 2015
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Having a see-through wall design between your bedroom and bathroom is one way to redesign the space. However, unless you want a plain opening in the wall, you need to pick the right item to fit into the space. For this reason, you need to know what types of materials are suitable for your design.

Gas Fireplace

One design option is to choose a gas fireplace. This feature can keep both your bathroom and bedroom warm throughout the cold months of the year.

For this design, you will need to find a dual sided fireplace. This means that both sides of the fireplace have glass and vents, so the heat is not limited to one room.

Aside from the dual design, you also have the option of picking the type of surround that best suits the design of the rest of the rooms. The surround is the metal portion that holds the glass in place. Many manufacturers offer ones in colors such as gold, silver, brass and copper.

Installing the fireplace can be slightly tricky if your home does not use natural gas. You will need a contractor to install a gas line and run it to the fireplace. One upside is that aside from switching out empty tanks for new ones, there is little maintenance required for a gas fireplace.

Tropical Fish Tank

A tropical fish tank inside the wall is another good design element when you want to add a see-through item to your bedroom. However, you will need a builder to customize the hole for the tank.

When installing the tank, the builder will add extra support. This is to help support the tank when it is filled with water. The builder will also design a decorative trim to help disguise the hatch that allows you to feed the fish. Usually, one portion of the top trim will come off or it is on hinges, which is how you place fish into the tank, clean it and feed them.

When considering this option, you want to consider the type of fish you want and pick a tank that can support them. With this in mind, it is imperative to visit a store that specializes in all kinds of fish. You can give them the dimensions of the opening, and they will help you choose a tank that will fit into the space.

Once you have a tank size, you then need to figure out which fish will be right for you. The fish store can explain the different species and which ones you should never put together.

After the tank is installed, all you need to do is make sure the water is suitable for the fish you plan to buy. The store can also explain the best methods for making sure the water is safe and comfortable. For more information, contact Neptune's Tropical Fish or a similar company.

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