4 Ideas To Beautify Your Front Yard

If you’re interested in growing a thriving veggie garden in your own yard, learn tips for preparing the space and planting seeds.

4 Ideas To Beautify Your Front Yard

22 October 2015
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These days the buzzword is all about curb appeal. It's important for your house to look attractive from the street or sidewalk. Naturally there are many changes you can make to the house itself. However, don't underestimate the power of your front yard and driveway for making a positive impression. Update the landscaping in front of your house for added curb appeal.

Streetside Flower Garden

The parking strip – that area of yard between the street and sidewalk – is often left bare. At most, some homeowners plant a strip of grass. There's no reason not to go colorful in this space. Plant a selection of hardy, low-maintenance annuals such as aster, purple coneflower, Gerber daisy and baptista. Finish off your streetside flower garden with a border of groundcover plants such as Irish moss, creeping periwinkle or creeping thyme.

Foundation Planting

Another area that's often overlooked is the strip of land near your home's foundation. In fact, planting this area enhances the look of the house's architecture. Start with wide planting beds, and create a tiered effect. Start with simple, tall plants in the back such as evergreen shrubs. The next tier should be a selection of pretty perennials. These could be similar to those in your streetside garden or different varieties. Ornamental grasses are another, hardy option. Finish the look the same way, though – with pretty groundcover plants.

Update the Path

Your front yard pathway is more than simply a means for getting to the house. You have so many options for creating an experience for your guests. Consider some of the following ideas:

  • Create a fork: Encourage guests to walk around the garden by offering an off-shoot to the main path.
  • Add drama: Flank the walkway with bold elements such as manicured shrubs or a vine-covered arbor.
  • Keep it natural: Select native varieties of plants to complement both the natural landscape and your home.
  • Curve the path: Make getting to your front door a charming journey by curving the path around a tree, fountain or other landscaping detail.

When choosing materials for the walkway itself, the Landscaping Network suggests materials such as stone or pavers to complement the exterior of your home.

Living Wall

If you want to increase your outdoor living space by utilizing the front yard, privacy is probably a consideration. In that case, plan for a living wall. This could be a lattice construction transformed into a vertical planting system. Plants get trained to grow up until they form a literal green wall. This is an alternative to the classical box hedging or other shrub-based privacy screens.

Whether you choose to beautifully shield your front yard with a living wall or put your house on display with a foundation garden, design a front yard landscape that enhances the curb appeal of your home.

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