What You Should Do In Your Yard During Fall: Winter Preparations For You

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What You Should Do In Your Yard During Fall: Winter Preparations For You

23 October 2015
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Once fall weather arrives and you begin to see the leaves on your trees transition from a robust green to gorgeous shades of red and yellow, you immediately begin to wonder what you need to do to get your family and your home prepared for the upcoming winter months. In order to effectively get your home ready for winter, you will need to spend a fair amount of your time focused on your yard and the exterior of your home. Get to know some of the preparations you should make for winter in your yard during the fall. Then, your home will be a great deal closer to being prepared for winter.

Put Away Hoses and Turn Off Faucets

One of the most important steps that you can take in your yard during the fall is to deal with your outdoor water supply. First, unhook your hoses from the faucets outside. Hang the hoses up over a clothesline from a tree branch or over your fence to allow any water remaining inside to drain out or evaporate.

Several hours to a day later, roll up your hoses and put them in your shed, garage, or other indoor storage location for the winter. If you leave your hoses out in the winter they can crack and sustain significant damage, making them useless to you when spring rolls around again.

You will also want to turn off the water supply to those outside faucets. After the water valve is shut off, wait a day before placing a cover on your faucets. This will ensure that water does not remain in the fixture and freezing will not occur in the pipes during winter.

Deal with Tree Maintenance and Trimming

Your trees, of course, play a pinnacle part in your work in your yard during the fall. Raking up leaves is one of the tasks you will likely be performing several times throughout the season. However, raking up leaves is not the only tree-related task you will have this fall.

Additionally, you will want to take a close look at your trees, particularly the branches near or extending over your roof. If you have branches that are hanging low over your home or that touch your roof, you will need to have a tree trimming service, like Trees Unlimited, come help you get rid of those branches.

When snow and ice build up on tree branches, the branches may buckle under the pressure, causing them to break or at the very least hang lower than they did before. When this happens, the branches can damage your roof, even penetrating the roof and making their way into your home if they fall hard enough. Tree trimming services will deal with these and other weak or problematically placed branches in your trees to ensure they do not collapse and cause damage to your home this winter.

Now that you know a few of the tasks you should perform in your yard during fall, you can get started in your winter preparations and keep your home and yard safe and intact this winter season.  

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