Why Certain Garden Stains Do Not Come Out Of Carpet Unless You Use Alternative Carpet Cleaning Remedies

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Why Certain Garden Stains Do Not Come Out Of Carpet Unless You Use Alternative Carpet Cleaning Remedies

6 January 2016
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If you work in your yard or garden for any length of time and then enter your house, trekking in various plant pieces and organic matter, you will undoubtedly have a few stains on your carpet. Not surprisingly, some specific garden stains do not come out. The following lists some of these stains, the reason why they stick around (even with conventional carpet cleaning methods) and what will help you remove these stains.

Red Clay

In some parts of the country, red clay makes up a large part of the soil. It is called red clay because it is thick, sticky, henna-colored and malleable, just like clay. In many ways, it is more clay and less soil. The problem with red clay stains is that red clay is red because of a high iron oxide and/or copper content. These minerals act as dyes in many paints and clothing dyes, so it should not come as a surprise that when these minerals (in the form of red clay) connect to your carpet, they are not going to come out as easily. Ammonia has been shown to be an effective copper oxide remover, so you could in effect use glass cleaner to break down the stains from red clay and then proceed to clean your carpet the usual way.


Chlorophyll, or the stuff that makes all green plants green, can also stain your carpet (as evidenced by grass stains). Rubbing alcohol can strip leaves of their chlorophyll, so it may be worth the attempt to use rubbing alcohol on your carpet. It will also help to use your manual extraction tool that is connected to your steam cleaner, since the hot water will activate the properties in the rubbing alcohol and then the suction of the tool will pull the chlorophyll and the rubbing alcohol up out of the carpet.

Black Topsoil

Black topsoil, whether you have some in your yard naturally or buy it from the store, is comprised of a lot of organic matter. That organic matter is often dead, decaying plants and insects, and while it is great for your garden, it is murder on your carpet. Since these same black stains are frequently transferred to clothing, most laundry detergents are designed to remove topsoil stains from clothing. You could try using a really good laundry detergent on the black topsoil stains first, but shaving cream may be a little more effective at lifting the dirt out of the carpet fibers rather than pushing the dirt into the fibers. Be sure to use an old toothbrush with either of these methods in order to agitate your product of choice into the stained carpet and then blot with a wet cloth to remove the detergent or shaving cream. To learn more, speak with a business like Gallent Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.

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