Tips For Preventing Weed Growth Between Flagstones

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Tips For Preventing Weed Growth Between Flagstones

15 July 2016
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Whether you're installing a walkway, patio or other space out in your yard, flagstone is a great option to create the look that you want. Since flagstone is irregular in shape, you should think about filling in the space between the pavers to help keep the weeds at bay. This is important, because invasive weeds can actually overtake the ground beneath the flagstone with a heavy root system that may cause shifting and cracking. Here are some tips to fill the gaps and keep weeds out.

Gravel or Sand

You can use gravel or sand to fill in most any space between flagstone pavers. These things will easily fill gaps and even spread fairly level so that you don't have any mounds or tripping hazards. If you opt to use one of these, install a weed barrier under the walkway. Light, water and weed seeds can pass through these fillers, putting you at risk of weed growth if you don't spread a barrier first.


If you want a ground cover that will choke out any weed growth, consider growing moss between the flagstone pavers. Moss is soft and bouncy, making it a nice cushion on your walkway. It's also versatile enough to fill both large and small spaces. Just water the open areas well, then place clumps of moss on the area. Keep the soil watered so that it says damp without being saturated. Gradually, the moss will take root in the soil and fill in the spaces.

Colorful Plants

Some plants that spread well for ground cover also produce colorful flowers. If you want a contrast of color in those open spaces between the flagstone, consider investing in something like creeping thyme. Creeping thyme spreads well, blooms in small pink flowers and releases a pleasant scent when you step on it. If you want colorful ground cover, make sure you choose something that blooms in small flowers, because otherwise you'll find that the flowers overtake the flagstone.

All-Season Cover

If you live in an area where it gets cold in the winter, think about investing in plants like Euonymus. The leaves of this plant will provide you with an undertone of green along with cream, yellow and golden hues. With cover like this, you'll have a pleasant-looking walkway no matter what time of year it is.

These options will help you fill in the gaps around your flagstone walkway without concerns about weed infestations. For more advice, contact a company like Pebble Junction, Inc..

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