Creative Ideas For Decorating Your Yard

If you’re interested in growing a thriving veggie garden in your own yard, learn tips for preparing the space and planting seeds.

Creative Ideas For Decorating Your Yard

28 September 2016
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Naturally, landscaping is one method for making your yard beautiful. You can plan a delightful garden path and plant a variety of pretty flowers. However, perhaps you'd like a little more pizzazz in your yard. You can achieve this with outdoor décor. Plan to add a few accent pieces to make your yard even more attractive.

Install a Birdbath

Do you enjoy watching birds in your garden? Your pleasure can be increased if you add a birdbath. The classic style of birdbath is stone, or at least stone-look. This goes well in traditional or cottage style gardens. You can also find more whimsical birdbaths, such as ones that are shaped like mushrooms or feature painted wells. You can even find mosaic or modern metal options. Choose a birdbath that best complements your yard style, and tuck it away amid your plants.

Customize a Fountain

Another type of water feature that's always attractive for a yard is a fountain. There are even more styles of fountains than birdbaths. You can also buy the parts to create a custom fountain. For example, stack glass balls in a pretty ceramic bowl. Hide a submersible pump and fountain amid the balls. All you have to do is place this custom fountain on a table for a pretty garden accent. It's also possible to use the same manner to make a custom fountain out of smooth river rocks in a galvanized wash tub.

Plant a Wheelbarrow

A vintage wheelbarrow is a charming addition to a country or cottage garden. Such an installation is even more fetching when you plant it. Indeed, Better Homes and Gardens describes a design for making a fairy garden complete with a small house, fencing and, of course, a fairy. However, the preparation for using the wheelbarrow as a planter is the same – you simply need to drill a few holes in the bottom, add drainage rocks and fill it with potting soil. From there, let your whimsy dictate how you'd like to plant and decorate your miniature garden.

Organize a Tableau

You don't need to plant a wheelbarrow to create a pretty tableau. You simply need the right garden décor. What works for your tableau depends on your landscaping style. For example, if yours is a country garden, vintage-look watering cans, an old garden rake and a wooden table are good places to start. A planted birdcage, painted pots, and glassware look pretty on any accent table. A stone statue tucked into greenery and surrounded by terra cotta pots looks beautiful in a Mediterranean style landscape. Let your imagination dictate how you arrange your pieces for a garden tableau.

Utilize garden décor and your own creativity to decorate your yard beautifully.

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