3 Inexpensive Changes That Can Make A Home Easier To Sell

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3 Inexpensive Changes That Can Make A Home Easier To Sell

13 January 2017
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Selling a home can be a difficult task in certain real estate markets. Even when a home is priced right, well maintained, and in a great location buyers may not be interested. Many homeowners may be tempted to undergo large renovations or make big changes in order to sell their homes. However, big renovations do not always pay off. A full renovation with high end finishes may not be attractive to every seller. Small and exterior home renovation projects have been shown to add the most value to homes and better recoup their costs. Here are three inexpensive projects that may make a home easier to sell.

New Front Door

The front door and entry way is the first thing that most potential buyers will see when they enter the home. First impressions are important! Cleaning up the entry way and replacing the front door are inexpensive ways to make a home more attractive. The cost of a new front door can range from $475 to $1,291 with installation. This project has around a 75 percent return on investment. For homeowners who find this project to be too expensive, simply adding a coat of paint to the front door can have many of the same benefits without the price tag.

Reface Kitchen Cabinets

For many home buyers, the kitchen is a very important room. Not only is it a place for cooking, but many use the kitchen for entertaining. A beautiful kitchen is a great selling feature for any home. The problem that many homeowners run into is that a full kitchen remodel is expensive, costing an average of $20,556. There are other options for homeowners who want a nicer looking kitchen without the price tag. Refacing kitchen cabinets can change the entire look of the kitchen. The cost can vary greatly ranging from as low as $1,000 to over $9,000. In general, refacing cabinets is about half the cost of replacing them. 

Cleaning And Painting

While replacing the front door and refacing kitchen cabinets are inexpensive compared to a large scale renovation, for some homeowners the cost may still be too much. Luckily a can of paint can make a huge difference for not a lot of money. Painting a room as a do-it-yourself project usually costs between $200 and $300 and can make a big difference. Neutral colors are the most attractive to a wide range of home buyers. Also simply clearing out clutter in the home can make it look larger and thus more attractive to buyers.

Selling a home can mean a lot of work for the current homeowner. However, before undergoing massive renovations for a home that just won't sell, homeowners should consider a few less expensive changes first. A new front door, refaced cabinets, and a new coat of paint and removing clutter inside can make a huge difference. 

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