3 Reasons To Use Rain Chains Instead Of Gutters

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3 Reasons To Use Rain Chains Instead Of Gutters

13 February 2017
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Making sure that rainwater and melted snow and ice run off of your roof and away from your home is important. Traditionally, gutters are used for this purpose. A lot of people don't even realize that there are alternatives, but one excellent alternative is to use rain chains. These are a few reasons why you might want to consider using rain chains on your home.

1. You Don't Have to Worry About Clogs

One great thing about rain chains is that you do not have to worry nearly as much about clogs. Due to their design, gutters can be prone to getting clogged with leaves, tree limbs and other debris. This is much less of a concern when you have rain chains. Even though it is smart to keep an eye on your rain chains to make sure that there are no leaves, pine straw or other types of debris, you should not deal with nearly as much of a debris problem as you would have to deal with if your home had more traditional gutters. Additionally, it can be easier to get rid of any debris that does become caught up in your rain chains.

2. They're Easier to Install

Another thing that you are sure to love about rain chains is the fact that they can be a whole lot easier to install. Installing gutters can be a big undertaking that you might feel more comfortable hiring a professional for. However, rain chains can be quite easy to install, so you might just find that you will be able to tackle the job yourself. This can save you a lot of money over hiring a professional, and it can help you get your gutters in place more quickly. Your rain chains should come with an installation kit and easy instructions to help you get the job done.

3. They're More Attractive

It's true that gutters do a very important job, but this does not mean that they are very attractive. Curb appeal is probably very important to you when it comes to your home, and opting for rain chains instead of gutters can be a great way to improve the exterior appearance of your home. Rain chains come in many different styles and colors, so no matter what style your home is or what type of decor you are into, you shouldn't have a hard time finding rain chains that will give you the look that you want.

As you can see, using rain chains instead of gutters can be a much better choice for your home. If you are searching for a great alternative to gutters, you might just find that rain chains will be the perfect option.

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