Every Bead In Its Place: 3 Strategies For Organizing Your Jewelry Making Supplies

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Every Bead In Its Place: 3 Strategies For Organizing Your Jewelry Making Supplies

14 February 2017
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Making jewelry is a relaxing hobby that allows you to let your creativity run free. However, nothing quite ruins the fun like searching for that perfect bead or charm and coming up empty-handed. Organizing jewelry making supplies does pose a few challenges since all of those little beads have to be sorted and placed into containers, but you will find your craft projects hum along quite happily once you have set up a system. As you take stock of your crafting inventory, use these strategies to set up a system that you will actually use.

Choose Between Horizontal or Vertical Storage

It is important to set up a storage system that you feel comfortable using every day. While some people prefer to utilize vertical space with stackable containers and shelves, others find it cumbersome to have to remove several items to reach something in the middle. Horizontal storage might consist of a drawer with bins all placed next to each other so that you can see everything with a single glance. Figuring out which one you prefer gives you a starting point for choosing appropriate containers.

Find the Right Types of Containers

The next step for getting organized is to take stock of what you have so that you can begin picking out your containers. Ideally, your containers should have dividers so that you can sort and store your wholesale beads according to color, shape, or size. Make sure the dividers go all the way to the top of the container so that the beads do not spill over the top when you move the box around. It is also common to place several smaller containers into one larger bin to make it easier to keep everything together.

Pick a Sorting Method

Everyone's sorting style will differ depending upon the types of supplies you have accumulated. For example, you may prefer to sort your beads by color, or it may be necessary to begin sorting them by the material from which they are made. You might find that you sort with more than one method. Storing beads that all fit a certain theme such as a holiday together can streamline your jewelry making process.

When your craft room starts to overflow, it is time to take action. Since you need a variety of beads for your projects, it is important to start there with your organizing plans. With just a little time and effort, you will soon be enjoying an organized jewelry space that allows your creativity to blossom. \

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