Need Help Moving Out? Get Cleaners On Your Side

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Need Help Moving Out? Get Cleaners On Your Side

14 February 2017
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Moving out of an apartment or other rented home can be a big challenge. In addition to getting everything moved to the location (or at least packed for transit), many rental agreements require some form of cleaning to avoid fees or other penalties. If you don't want your previous apartment manager or land owner to round up on their cleaning and repair charges--or just want to know what you could be saving in terms of effort--here are a few benefits of rental property cleaning services.

Think About Material Costs

Cleaning isn't as simple as it seems at first. There are a lot of tough stains, hard to reach areas, and potential damage that can happen if you don't use the right material--and there's a lot of wrong materials.

Even cleaning solutions that boast multi-surface cleaning can be problematic for certain surfaces. If you're heavy into using bleach-based cleaners, you may discover that walls are stripped of their paint as you clean. Think it's fine as long as the stains are gone? Rental management still needs to paint over the problems, and that money comes out of your security deposit in some cases.

If you use acidic cleaners, the same problem can happen. Whether its Lysol, Pinesol, some lemony-fresh cleaner or anything that seems to clean really well on toilet cleaners, it's wrong for some sort of surface. This means you'll need to buy a lot of different solutions and spend money on different sponges, clothes, papers or other tools. The small costs add up.

Instead of wondering why your money is trickling away from buying more paper towels or "one more bottle" of cleaner, a set cleaning fee can be negotiated with a cleaning services professional. Think about the time you could be spending on something more important to your life while professionals clean and put the service cost out of your mind.

Allergies? Breathing Problems? Don't Clean Old Homes!

When moving out, there's a lot of dust and settled debris is places that aren't cleaned regularly. Even if you vacuum, sweep, and lift your furniture to stay clean, there's still a lot of things left behind that could cause breathing problems.

If you're allergic to dust, you already know how miserable things can get. Add to that the feeling of being exhausted and aching from everything else in the moving process. You could load up on allergy medication or buy protective gear, but think about how much you'd be spending. Save your pills, save your sinuses, and save your throat by getting a professional to help.

Contact a cleaning services professional to get the job done while you handle other parts of your transition to a new home.

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