Tips For Cleaning Your Cellular Blinds

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Tips For Cleaning Your Cellular Blinds

14 February 2017
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If you have been looking at different window treatments like blinds and shades, then you may decide that cellular blinds are an option for you. These blinds are made from pleated fabric and feature honeycomb openings or cells. The cells trap air and act as an insulation barrier to keep the temperature inside your home as consistent as possible. While the blinds can help you to save money on energy bills, they can be difficult to clean. If you find this to be true, then keep reading to learn about a few tips and tricks to clean the blinds properly.

Clear The Cells With Air

Many cellular blinds are translucent. This allows you to enjoy some light from the sun while enjoying the insulation benefits of the blinds. However, you may notice that the blinds appear dull or more opaque over time. This happens when dust, bugs, and other types of debris congest the spaces that make up the honeycomb. When this happens, light cannot shine through. Also, not as much air can be trapped and the blinds may not insulate your home as well as they once did. 

You can clean out the cells with a little bit of effort. You can use several different types of tools for the job. A compressed air duster works well. Place the small straw on the can and force the air through the cells from the left to the right. Work your may down the length of the blind and then use the can from the right side to the left. 

You can also use a hair dryer to force the debris out of the openings. However, many cellular blinds are made from spun polyester materials. The material can burn if it becomes too warm, so use the dryer on low if you want to go this route. 

Remove Stains

Dust that accumulates on the outside of the fabric can also make the blinds appear gray. A vacuum can be used to remove loose dust, but it may not remove greasy stains, like ones that accumulate due to cooking grease and smoke. If a vacuum does not remove stains or debris stuck to the blinds, then you can use wet cleaning methods. However, you cannot soak the blinds or they may lose their pleats. 

You will need to dab water on the blinds instead. Wet a clean cotton cloth with warm water and lightly dab at the stain. Wait for the area to dry afterwards. If it remains, then place a small amount of dish soap or laundry detergent on the cloth and dab again. 

If you cannot remove stains on your own, then you can speak with a window treatment professional about ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning involves the use a special cleaning solution and sound waves to force the debris out of your blinds.

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