Uses For Naturally Smooth Stone And Where These Stone Products Come From

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Uses For Naturally Smooth Stone And Where These Stone Products Come From

14 February 2017
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Natural stone products are any stones that have not undergone a factory process to be cleaned, shaped, or otherwise formed. Naturally smooth stone is one such example. It has multiple uses, based on the size of the stones, and you can only get naturally smooth stone from one particular source.

Where Naturally Smooth Stone Comes From

Naturally smooth stone is harvested from rivers, streams, and waterfalls. These are places where the rushing waters have pummeled and smoothed the rock bed, creating rounded edges and velvety stone surfaces. Additional minerals added to the stone by the water give some of these rocks a glittery appearance, which many homeowners find very appealing in their yards.

Use of Naturally Smooth Stone Based on Size

Small pebbles of smooth stone are used like gravel. It can be placed in unpaved driveways in place of pea gravel (which is a manufactured stone product and a very dusty, jagged, and/or bumpy product at that). This size of naturally smooth stone works well under swing sets and playground equipment too, where it reduces the amount of dirt, dust, and outdoor allergens frequently created by motion on manufactured stone products.

Medium grain or medium-sized pebbles, about the same size as you would find on the riverbank and use to skip stones, are often used for landscaping flower beds. The stones lay flat and even and their numerous colors add a pleasant visual touch to your yard. They prevent the growth of weeds around your foundation as well.

Large river stones, as they are also called, act as stepping stones in a yard. You can create different little flat-stoned paths that diverge in different directions from the exits of your home. You can also paint these larger stones to create decorative focal pieces in your garden or the landscaping around the foundation of your house.

Extra-large, naturally smooth stones are used as "chairs" outside. You can sit on these big, flat stones in the sunshine, or let your reptilian pets soak in the sun on the rock while you garden. They also work exceptionally well when building a water garden and/or a more natural-looking outdoor fountain space.

Where to Get Your Naturally Smooth Stone Products

Smooth stone does not come from quarries, at least not naturally. Since it comes from flowing sources of water, you could technically go gather it yourself, although it may take you years to accomplish that. Instead, consult with a landscaping contractor to see where you can get this product locally. Contact a company like Harristone Pre-Cast - Merrillstone Natural Stone Products - G. S. Harris Co., Inc. to learn more.

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