Home Broilers 101: 4 Warning Signs Your Unit Is Trying To Tell You

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Home Broilers 101: 4 Warning Signs Your Unit Is Trying To Tell You

23 February 2017
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The last thing you want is to encounter a problem with your boiler, especially during the winter months. After all, the boiler is responsible for keeping your home (and your family) warm and comfortable. While routine maintenance can significantly help you avoid problems with your boiler, it isn't foolproof. Luckily, by knowing the signs of boiler distress you can address any issues that arise quickly – saving you time and money.

So what signs indicate there is a problem with your boiler? Here are four:

1. Unusual Odors

Perhaps one of the most noticeable signs that your boiler is in distress is unusual odors. Normally, your unit should not emit any strong or odd odors. If your unit does begin to emit an unpleasant smell, you should investigate immediately. The smell might be due to issues within the ventilation system, which should be addressed quickly so that it does not cause any serious damages. An odd odor might also be caused by a gas leak, which is extremely dangerous. So if in doubt, consult an appliance repair professional for assistance. Odd odors is not something that should be taken lightly.

2. Leaking Water

Another sign that your boiler is having issues is leaking water. Typically, your boiler should not leak any water. If you begin to notice pooling water near your boiler, it's likely that it is leaking. While not seriously dangerous, leaking water can cause damage to your home. Leaking water might also cause the boiler to burst open, which can cause flooding in your home. So if you notice pooling water or water leaking from the unit, contact a professional for repair.

3. Strange Noises

While most boilers aren't completely silent, they should not be making any loud or unusual noises. If you begin to hear loud banging sounds coming your appliance, it's likely that it will need repair. Loud noises often indicate a problem within the piping of your unit. However, a banging noise might also indicate that the pump of your boiler is about to fail. In either case, getting your boiler looked at immediately is the best course of action.

4. Ice

Finally, seeing ice throughout your home in odd places might also indicate a problem with your boiler. Since your boiler should be keeping your home warm and toasty, seeing ice is troublesome. So if you notice ice in places where it definitely should not be, consult a professional.

As you can see, there are many warning signs that your boiler is in distress. If you notice any of these signs, or simply want your system looked at, contact an appliance repair professional. These professionals can examine, identify, and fix any issues that are present. They can also perform maintenance to ensure your unit stays in good working order.

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