Three Steps For Picking Out The Right Light Up House Number

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Three Steps For Picking Out The Right Light Up House Number

14 May 2020
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Light-up address numbers aren't just attractive, they also service an important purpose. Delivery drivers and visitors to your home can easily find it even after the sun has gone down. Further, it makes your address simple to find for emergency personnel in the event you need to have an officer or ambulance visit your home. The following three steps will help you pick the perfect backlit LED address number for your home.

1. Choose a Location

The first question to ask yourself is where will you put the house number? If the front of your home is easily visible from the street, then it may make the most sense to place the number on your home near the front door. On the other hand, if hedges or fences block the view of the house, then the number may need to be placed on the fence, on a gate, or even on your mailbox. Another option is to place a decorative rock at the foot of the walkway to your front door. You can find realistic looking manmade rocks that have backlit house numbers made into the rock.

2. Pick a Style

Once you have the location determined, you need to pick the style of the backlit light. The first style choice is whether you want a box light or individual backlit numbers. Backlit numbers are more streamlined, but a box light is often easier to install since it is a single unit. The next decisions are all a matter of personal taste and what will complement your home most. These include the font for the house number and the color. You can also find backlit number assemblies that have further decorative options, such as included graphics or stainglass panels.

3. Select the Power Options

Most modern backlit house numbers use LED lights, which draw minimal power and rarely need replaced. This means you can run the lights off of solar energy as long as you get a few hours of sunlight most days. This means your house numbers will light up even if the power is out, which could be important if you must call emergency services during a storm or other disaster that has lead to a power outage. If you opt for wired lights, then at least consider ones that have solar power or battery power backup.

Contact a backlit address number dealer like Modern Lights in your area to find out what options are available.

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