Your Bedside Companion: How To Choose A Good Nightstand

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Your Bedside Companion: How To Choose A Good Nightstand

30 November 2020
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The table that sits beside your bed is almost as personal and important and the bed itself. These handy tables fulfill several important needs and the size and usability of them are key to a comfortable bedroom. Whether you call them bedside tables or nightstands, this small but not insignificant part of your bedroom should be chosen with care. Read on for some points to consider before you add this component.

Matchy-matchy or Eclectic?

Some people don't give much thought to the bedside table for a good reason: they don't have a choice. While the idea of buying a full set of bedroom furniture built to match is not as common anymore, some people will inevitably get stuck with the table that came with the bedroom "suite". In many cases, it's a lot less expensive to take the matching pieces as a set. If you have a choice, though, you have the opportunity to pick out a table that fulfills your own needs and wants.

Design-wise, not only can you enjoy a table that is not part of your furniture group, but you don't even necessarily have to have matching tables on each side of the bed. Designers are embracing the look of bedside tables that are not the same in height, width, finish, color, and more.

Practical Matters: Storage

Bedside tables often hold very personal and unique belongings and spaces for those things are a must. Drawers are preferable but baskets can fill the same function. For a solution that will exceed almost everyone's idea of bedside storage, consider a short chest of drawers. This way of adorning the bedside has been trending for some time and they provide the user with ample room for storing books, sleepwear, medication, and more.

From the Top

Few things are more untidy than a crowded bedside tabletop. Consider all the things you want to keep handy when choosing your table and ensure your choice has enough real estate to hold everything. While it's always possible to use a hanging fixture rather than a tabletop lamp when space is tight, it's far better to go large when choosing a table in the first place.

What About the Height?

Beds are taller than they used to be given adjustable beds and thick pillow-top mattresses. Be sure your table is approximately the same height as your bed when it's fully made-up. When it comes to placement, about six to eight inches from your bed is about right. When you visit a furniture showroom to make your purchase, bring along the measurements you need to make sure your nightstand will fit both the given space and will be at the right height for your bed.

For more help choosing just the right bedside table or nightstand for your needs, speak to a specialist at your friendly neighborhood furniture store.

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