Upgrading The Gutters On Your Home For Better Performance And Aesthetics

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Upgrading The Gutters On Your Home For Better Performance And Aesthetics

2 May 2022
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Installing rain gutters on your home offers protection for the house, the foundation, and any plantings around the house. However, gutters can also add a finished look to your home and help reduce the amount of water you have to walk through when entering or exiting your home in the rain. Seamless copper gutter installation can add additional benefits for you and look great on the house.

Seamless Gutters

One of the most significant advantages of having a seamless copper gutter installation on your home is the lack of any joints along the run of the gutter. The joints are often the first place where leaks develop, and debris hangs up in those areas, making them hard to clean. 

Seamless gutters eliminate that problem because they are hand-made on-site to fit your home, so the only joints in the system are at the corners where the gutters intersect with the downspouts. Since the water is already making the transition to a verticle pipe at that point, this is not typically an area of concern, and leaks are not common unless the system is not assembled correctly.

Water running out of joints in standard gutters can cause water to puddle along with the edger of the home, damaging flower beds, kicking up mud onto the siding, and in some cases, damaging the foundation wall. Without joints, these issues are nearly eliminated, and a copper seamless gutter installation can reduce the required maintenance around the house from the access water coming off the roof during rainstorms.

Gutter Durability

Today's many gutter systems are made from plastic, and while the material does not rust or corrode, it is often not as durable as a metal gutter. A seamless copper gutter installation replaces the standard metal or plastic gutter with one made from non-corrosive copper that is durable, will not rust, and will develop an aged look that can be wonderful for the aesthetic of the home. These gutters are also available in several different styles and profiles, so check with your installer to see what they offer. 

If you want to retain the look of the raw copper, the contractor or installer can seal the gutters with a clear sealer to protect the copper and stop the aging look when they are installed. Since these gutters don't rust, they can last for many years on your home. Like any gutter system, they require some essential maintenance like gutter cleaning in the fall and checking the mounting points to ensure they remain solidly mounted on the building.

The gutter contractor doing your seamless copper gutter installation can go over the care of the material with you and what you need to do to keep the copper gutters looking and performing properly on your house. 

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