What To Look For In A Bath Towel

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What To Look For In A Bath Towel

24 August 2022
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People often think of bath towels as purely functional items. But when you start actually shopping for bath towels, you realize just how many different varieties there really are. How do you choose the right ones for your bathroom and for your family's needs? Here are the key things to look for and consider.

Material Thickness 

If you're able to look at and touch the towels in person, definitely do so. It is easier to test the towel thickness in person than by reading product descriptions online. While you may not need the absolute thickest towels on the market, you don't want really thin ones either. The goal of the towel, after all, is to absorb water from your hair and body. A thicker material tends to do this more easily and without starting to feel wet partway through.

Material Texture

Some people like really soft, fluffy towels. Other people prefer a towel with more of a knit texture—which is soft to the touch but not exactly fluffy. Consider how you dry your towels. If you dry them on the line or dry them on a drying rack, then you will likely want the fluffy kind. The knit texture can get a little rougher when air dried. On the other hand, if you dry your towels in an electric or gas dryer, then either kind should be suitable since a tumble in the dryer will soften the knit up.


Consider the size of your towel rack, and also think about how you use your towel. If you wrap your towel around yourself as you walk from the bathroom to your bedroom, then you may want a larger towel, as long as your towel rack can accommodate it. If you never do this and you have a smaller towel rack, then buying smaller towels makes sense. Some people even like to buy their towels in two sizes. They buy a smaller size for their hair and a larger size for their body. In this case, you will want to find a brand that offers varying sizes.

Hopefully, this article has given you a better idea of what features you should focus on when looking at various bath towels. There are a lot of good brands to choose from, so take your time and consider your options before picking one.

Contact a local bath towel company, such as Rikumo, to learn more. 

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