Mold Testing Myths That May Mislead You

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Mold Testing Myths That May Mislead You

29 March 2023
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Mold testing in residential buildings is critical to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for homeowners and their families. Unfortunately, several myths surround this preventative task, which often deters people from taking the necessary steps to test their houses.

Myth: Mold Testing Is Unnecessary If You Cannot See Or Smell Mold

Just because you can not see or smell mold does not mean it is not in your home. Certain species of mold can be invisible to the human eye, while others release spores that may be odorless or masked by other household scents. Since airborne spores are hazardous when inhaled, these molds pose an equally serious threat.

In many cases, molds may thrive behind walls or beneath floors after something as simple as a leaky pipe causes moisture damage over time. While these may be out of sight, they can still threaten your health and the structural integrity of your house.

Myth: Mold Is Only Harmful To Young Children

Contrary to popular belief, individuals at any stage of life can experience adverse reactions due to prolonged mold exposure. While young children are particularly susceptible due to their developing immune systems, adults should also take precautions against potentially dangerous spores from certain molds.

Exposure should not be taken lightly because it can cause various health problems for people and pets alike. Common symptoms include respiratory issues such as asthma exacerbation or even pneumonia. These health risks emphasize why effective mold testing and remediation are essential regardless of the individual's age or current state of health.

Myth: Mold Testing Is Too Expensive For Most Homeowners

To confirm the presence of mold, professional testing can be instrumental. Mold testing can be affordable and accessible, with various options available to accommodate a range of budgets. Professional mold inspection prices may vary depending on location and size, but many companies offer free initial consultations or deals that bundle assessment with remediation services upon detection.

While some homeowners may have concerns about the disruption professional mold testing can cause, the reality is that this is a straightforward process that may only require the technician to spend a couple of hours in the home getting samples.

Myth: You Can Get Rid Of Mold Simply By Spraying Bleach On It

Although conventional wisdom might suggest using bleach as a catch-all solution for household molds, this chemical is ineffective against several toxic strains. In fact, bleach can be counterproductive as it may help to camouflage visible molds without destroying their underlying structure. The only option to ensure the mold is entirely eliminated is hiring a professional mold testing and remediation service.  

For more info about mold testing, contact a local company. 

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