Questions To Ask When Considering A New Lumber Supplier

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Questions To Ask When Considering A New Lumber Supplier

15 May 2023
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If you are a carpenter, a framer, or someone else who uses a lot of wood on a regular basis, then you really need a dependable lumber supplier. If there are a few who operate in your area, it is worth calling them all up and asking them a few questions. Based on their answers, you can then choose the lumber supplier whose services are most in-line with your own needs. Here are the key questions worth asking.

Do they have an order minimum?

Some lumber suppliers may require that you order a minimum amount of wood per order. For example, they may only take orders for $500 worth of product or more. If you always place large orders, this may not be a huge deal. But if you ever find yourself ordering just a few boards for smaller projects, you'll want to find a lumber supplier with a lower order minimum or no order minimum.

How do they handle bad boards?

Lumber is a natural material, and as such, not every board is perfect. Sometimes, you might get a board that you cannot use because it is split or has too many knots in it. Ask the supplier how they handle cases like this. Will they replace your bad boards with new ones? Will they give you a refund for boards that don't meet your standards in terms of quality? There's really no right or wrong answer here; just make sure their approach is one that you're comfortable with.

Do they ever stock any exotics?

Almost all lumber yards are going to have your staples such as pine, cedar, and oak. But if you ever make any creative projects, you may want to choose a supplier who stocks some exotic lumber from time to time. If they have a source for more unique woods, like teak or mahogany, that's a good sign.

Do they deliver?

If you have a trailer or flatbed truck, then you may find it easiest to just pick up your own wood. But it is still nice to choose a lumber supplier who delivers in case you end up in a time crunch or without a vehicle for a time.

If you ask these questions of several lumber suppliers, you will get a good sense of what each one has to offer. Then, you can compare your options and start ordering from the company that best fits your needs.

For more information, contact a lumber supplier near you.

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