If you’re interested in growing a thriving veggie garden in your own yard, learn tips for preparing the space and planting seeds.

How To Naturally Remove Hard Water Stains

23 November 2016
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Do you cringe each time you look in the mirror because your once golden locks are now a dingy orange? Is your once bright-white sweater streaked with brownish-red stains that match your tub? These problems are most likely caused by hard water. Many people have hard water in their homes, which is water that is high in mineral count, such as magnesium, calcium and iron. As water travels through soil and rocks before making its way into your pipes, it absorbs these minerals. Read More …

3 Things That You Need To Do To Your Irrigation System As Winter Approaches

22 November 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Having an irrigation system to water your grass can be an amazing and very helpful thing. And while it doesn't require too much care, there are a few things that you need to do with it to ensure that it is functioning properly for you. One time of year when this is going to be essentially important is during late fall and early winter. This is a time when the weather is changing, and you are not going to need to use your sprinkler system. Read More …

Creative Ideas For Decorating Your Yard

28 September 2016
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Naturally, landscaping is one method for making your yard beautiful. You can plan a delightful garden path and plant a variety of pretty flowers. However, perhaps you'd like a little more pizzazz in your yard. You can achieve this with outdoor décor. Plan to add a few accent pieces to make your yard even more attractive. Install a Birdbath Do you enjoy watching birds in your garden? Your pleasure can be increased if you add a birdbath. Read More …

How Do You Care For Your Granite Countertops?

31 August 2016
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Granite countertops are an investment that can increase the value of your home. However, poorly cared for countertops can impact the overall appearance of your kitchen. To help you keep your countertops in the best condition possible, here are some tips for caring for them.  Seal the Surface Even if your granite countertop had a sealant applied to the surface when it was installed, it can fade over time. When the seal is gone, oils, liquids, and other substances can get into the pores of the granite and cause stains. Read More …

Guide To Bridging And Mushing Issues In Water Softeners

8 August 2016
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Proper maintenance of a water softener is a requirement if you want to ensure that your unit is working correctly. Salt systems are prone to salt issues that can affect softening quality and ability. Fortunately, by understanding these issues, you can avoid them completely or at least quickly fix the problem if one does occur. The following guide can help. Bridging and Mushing The first issue, salt bridging, occurs when salt forms a crust instead of dissolving into the brine tank of the softener. Read More …

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